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This site has grown out of what was essentially a compilation of our (expats and people with knowledge of Australia) collective bookmarks folders. We decided to put together a site where English speaking people from all around the world living in, visiting or relocating to Australia could easily find a very regularly updated directory of websites, goods and services most useful to them. Some sections of the site such as the weather, public transport and towns & cities sections are also of use to tourists visiting down under. We link mainly to other websites and try to provide a selection of the best commercial, amateur, and government websites as well as providing limited information content ourselves.

We strive to make the site as user-friendly as possible. The majority of the sources we link to were born out of a need we experienced in the past. For example where can one get travel insurance for trips abroad when one lives in Australia. The usual UK and other European insurance firms are of no use as they are geared to EU residents and do not cover people residing in Oz. The US companies are geared to the US market. We investigated this and provided the answer on our insurance page.

The site was launched in March 2009 and is growing in audience rapidly. Future plans under consideration include membership with articles written by members.

We can be contacted at and welcome feedback and enquiries.


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