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Expat Entrepreneur - Do You Have What It Takes? - Expat entrepreneurs live a certain lifestyle that allows them to be at home in a foreign country so to speak. There are different reasons why people move abroad. Retirement, health reasons, family, the climate, the career of the other half for example. I have been living abroad for longer periods in my life and I have always enjoyed it. For me, being a Dutchman living in foreign countries has always been good.

International Cost of Living Comparison - Global Trends in 2009 - A major change in global cost of living rankings is taking place.  The International Cost of Living Comparison comprises indexes for each of 276 global locations.

A collection of media articles we have assembled covering Australia...

Wet weather rains on dry season’s parade - Iskhandar Razak - ABC News May 17, 2010

Australia to open up seabed for oil exploration - ABC News May 17, 2010

Worst attended schools revealed in Queensland - The Courier-Mail May 17, 2010

Australian girl, 5, attacked by crocodile - The Daily Telegraph (London) Mar 22, 2010

Backpackers scavenge food from bins in wake of Cyclone Ului - Bonnie Malkin - The Daily Telegraph (London) Mar 22, 2010

Wild ‘boxing kangaroo knocks Australian jogger unconscious after assault’ - Andrew Hough - The Daily Telegraph (London) Mar 19, 2010

‘Britain has become a binge society’ - Ava Hubble - The Daily Telegraph (London) Mar 17, 2010

Life as an Anglican priest in Australia - By Rev Brian Vaughan - The Daily Telegraph (London) Nov 3, 2003


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