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Clubs, societies & organisations that might appeal to expats living in Australia:

Africa Club of Queensland - Primarily a social vehicle for folks with links to Africa meeting socially at least every month

American Society of Sydney - founded in 1922 as a place for Americans living in Sydney to gather, meet, acclimate to life in and around Sydney and celebrate American culture from afar

American Women’s Club of Perth - majority of members come from every part of the USA, although there are members from Canada and other parts of the world - a not-for-profit, non-political organization focused on friendship and service

Canadian Australian Club - a social club open to anyone interested in participating in a wide range of events for Club members and their families. Membership consists primarily of Canadian and Australian nationals, but also draws people from all walks of life, all ages and many nationalities

Canada Club of Victoria - social club that has been in existence in Victoria since 1938 providing a way for Canadians to meet the other Canadians living in Victoria, and enjoy social events

Canadian Club of Western Australia - social club open to anyone interested in participating in a wide range of events for Club Members and their families. Focus on common heritage of Canadians and Australians as the basis for which citizens of both countries (and their friends) may get together and fulfill some commitment to the community in which they live

Irish Club of Western Australia - focal and meeting point for a large number of sporting and cultural groups who utilise the facilities including, Irish Theatre Players, Irish Expats Rugby Club, Rose of Tralee Committee, Ceide School of Irish Dancing and many more

Newcomers Network - for people who have moved (or are planning to move), holds events in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

Sabona Magazine - South African Business Network in Australia - aims to develop and nurture a culture of sincere and selfless business co-operation and support amongst expatriate Southern African business people in Australia

South African Adelaide Community - a group of friends who have a common interest in South Africa, having either lived in South Africa or have some passion for South Africa

Sydney Women’s International Club - welcomes women who are new to Sydney, promotes opportunities for social contact between newcomers and local women, provides opportunities to explore Sydney with friends

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