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Useful employment links for expats in Australia include:
Salary Information

Relating to immigration and visas:
Is your occupation in demand? - from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship - view the Migration Occupations in Demand (MODL) list

Migration Institute of Australia - the professional association for Australian migration service providers

What is the points test? - also from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship


Australian JobSearch - Australia’s largest free online jobs board - an Australian Government initiative - job search, employment information and career advice

Jobs in Brisbane

Jobwire - Permanent & Temporary employment

Manpower - jobs in industrial and administration sectors

My Career - job search

Northern Territory Government - teaching jobs


Reverse Jobs - let jobs find you

SEEK - jobs, employment, careers and recruitment

Work Aus - recruiting skilled overseas workers to jobs in Australia - providing a database to show your professional or skilled work profile to potential Australian employers

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